Personality Development Programme

Functional grammar in standard English

Parts of speech The importance of spelling
Clauses and phrases Commonly misspelled words
Parts and Types of a sentence Tips on improvement of vocabulary
Grammatical requirements in correct sentences Use of dictionary and the thesaurus
Plurals Abbreviations Meanings from context

Speaking Skills

Inputs on speech i.e. Pronunciation Spur-of-the-moment talks Clarity and Diction (Pace and Pause)
Modulation And Verbal summaries Role-play and situational Skits Just a Minute


In this area the various types of problems that are asked in campus recruitment papers is covered. Analytical Reasoning (puzzles, linear/circular arrangement, etc.), number/letter series, analogies, odd man out, direction sense, coding/decoding, routes and networks, binary logic, Venn diagrams/cubes, etc.

Group Discussions

Training on Group Discussions is based on Situation Reaction, Group Tasks on a variety of topics ranging from the general to the technical. Focus is on creative and logical thinking, group behavior; inter personal skills, Group initiative. Mock Group Discussions will be followed with feedback session to the entire class which would also watch the GD. While deciding on the group formation during the GD’s, care is taken to try and give extra attention to poor communicators in the class.

Mock Tests

The mock tests help the students analyze their performance in each area.

Personal Interviews

• Interview sessions focus on Interview tips
• Interview attending skills, etiquette and Presentation Skills
• Mock interviews are conducted with feedback session and Tips

Quantitative Ability

The various topics which are covered includes Equations, Ratio Proportion and Variation, Percentages, Profit and loss, Simple and Compound Interest, Numbers, Progressions, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Data Interpretation, Data sufficiency, etc.

Verbal Ability

The Various types of questions like jumbled paragraphs, sentence corrections, fill in the blanks, antonyms, synonyms, word pair analogies, Verbal - Non-Verbal aspects, Functional Grammar, Vocabulary Enhancement etc., are discussed with the help of classroom handouts.

Special Sessions

• Autobiographical assessment
• Personal and interpersonal skills
• Time, resource and priority management
• Self-discipline
• Institute-specific practice sessions once you get your calls