Student Testimonials

Ms. Harshita Sharma

Course: M.Sc (Biotech)
Research & Development: Saitama University, Japan
Package: Yen 1,80,000 per month (Approx. Rs. 1 Lac p.m.)
My dream came true when I got the chance to go to Saitama University, Japan to pursue my PhD This was made possible by the efforts of our Director (R&D), Dr. Manish Biyani and I would always be grateful to him and the college for it. International exposure and that too in the Country which is known for its technological advancement is indeed a unique experience .

Ms. Ankita Jain

Course:M.Sc (Biotech)
Research & Development: University of Tokyo, Japan
Package: Yen 1,80,000 per month (Approx. Rs. 1 Lac p.m.)
I feel privileged that I have been awarded Panasonic Scholarships of Yen 1,80,000 per month. 3400 students had applied and only 4 got it. I feel lucky that I was among those 4. The task seemed unachievable but thanks to the faculty members and Dr. Manish Biyani who helped me with the preparation.

Ms. Deepti Dewan

Course:M.Sc (Biotech)
Research & Development: Saitama University, Japan
Package: Yen 1,70,000 per month (Approx. Rs. 94,000/- p.m.)
I thank my Biotechnology Department for encouraging me to think globally and spread my wings to take off for the land of rising sun. I am confident that my future is very bright and I would make my college and my parents proud. I appreciate the support of my college for shaping my career.

Ms. Promila Kumari

Course:M.Sc (Biotech)
Research & Development: Saitama University, Japan
Package: Yen 90,000 per month (Rs. 50,000/- p.m.)
I want to express my gratitude to my college for providing me the opportunity to go to Japan for my Phd. The research & development in Japan would definitely provide me a leading edge.

Ms. Nupur Nigam

Course:M.Sc (Biotech)
Research & Development: Tsukuba University, Japan
Package: Yen 60,000 per month (Rs. 34,000/- p.m.)
Biyani College not only provided me global environment but also made me ready to face the competitive world. The International Symposiums organized every year are quite helpful as we get to meet the Researchers from India and abroad. My interaction with the Japanese researchers was quite helpful in taking the decision of exploring the R& D avenues in Japan. Had my college not provided this opportunity I would have never thought of taking up research after my Masters in Biotechnology as we all know that the research scenario in India is not very encouraging. I thank my college for this.

Ms. Sneh Gupta

Recruited by :ICICI Lombard
Package: Rs. 3.6 lac p.a.
I am immensely thankful to my Training & Placement Department for conducting personality enhancement program and the Industry oriented program which helped me groom and prepare myself to face the challenges of the Insurance Industry. I give the credit of my placement in ICICI Lombard to my college.

Ms. Sonia Sharma

Recruited by :Black Lotus
Package: Rs. 3.6 lac p.a.
I am happy that I got placed well before the end of my final year and that was made possible by my Training & Placement Department. I participated in all the activities organized by the Training & Placement Department which helped me gain confidence. I am grateful to the college and Management for my placement.

Ms. Shazia Afroze

Recruited by :Shining Stars India(P) Ltd.
Package:Rs. 2,58,480 p.a.
If one is confident, positive and hardworking then nothing can stop you from achieving your goals and be successful in life, this is what I learnt in my college and which has now become the philosophy of my life. I got placed in the third semester of my MBA and for that I would always be thankful to my college.

Ms. Sunita Yadav

Recruited by :Shining Stars India(P) Ltd.
Package:Rs. 2.53,680/- p.a
I am a proud Biyanite and I will always be. While economists were concerned about global slowdown, I was concerned about my placement. But thanks to God and my college that I was not affected by it. I had a job in my hand in my third semester itself.

Ms. Garima Dwivedi

Recruited by :Activant Solutions
Package:Rs. 2.4 lac p.a. + incentives + Bonus
I remember when I joined MBA, I was totally confused. I had taken it up as it was in vogue. But the guidance provided by Dr. Sanjay Biyani (Director –Academics) helped me a lot. The PEP and IOP sessions were really helpful in discovering myself. As a student placement coordinator, I got opportunities to sharpen my managerial skills. I am extremely happy and enjoying my job, thanks to Placement Department.

Ms. Shruti Tiwari

Recruited by :Activant Solutions
Biyani Institute of Science & Management provided me requisite knowledge and skills to adapt to the corporate life. It is indeed a good feeling to get placement through the Campus as it boosts ones moral and self –esteem. Thanks – Placement Department for providing me the right job and profile that I was looking for.

Ms. Vanita Gupta

Recruited by :Coca-Cola
Package:Rs. 2.4 Lac p.a. + Bonus
My decision of Doing BBA and MBA from Biyani Group of Colleges was the wisest decision I made , as whatever I am today, it is because of my college. I had done my schooling from hindi medium but today I can communicate well because of the spoken English classes conducted in the college, which is the part of our training (PEP & IOP). I developed and practiced my leadership skills as well by being the through the position of student placement coordinator.

Ms. Shalini Yadav

Recruited by :Airtel
Package:Rs. 2.16 lac p.a. +incentives
The mock interview sessions helped me prepare myself for Airtel interview. I owe my recruitment in the leading and sort after telecom company to my college since it groomed me so well that I could meet the expectations of the Interviewer.

Ms. Barkha Joshi

Recruited by :Kalyani Software Pvt Ltd.
Package:Rs. 3 lac p.a.
The computer technology changes very fast and those who are not able to match with it are left behind forever. I am thankful to my family who chose the right college for me. The training programs and workshops on latest technology in the college , equipped me for the challenges of the IT sector.

Ms. Anita Rathore

Recruited by :Saitama University, Japan
Package:Yen 40,000 (Rs. 22,100 )
Computers is a very interesting and creative subject- This is the thought I have developed at BISMA. The faculty, the Training & Placement Department is always active and get us every possible opportunity to become competent. I was given a chance to work on “Genome Profiling” Project, for which I was sent to Saitama University, Japan. It was a new and learning experience.

Ms. Sakshi Sharma

Recruited by :Saitama University, Japan
Package:Yen 40,000 (Rs. 22,100 )
Being a part of BISMA is an exciting experience. Our faculty members work as mentors for us. We are made to work on live projects so that we get proficiency in our field. I was among the two students who were chosen for the project of Saitama University, Japan. The working atmosphere I experienced in Japan has taught me professionalism. I would like to thank my college for giving me the chance to increase my potential and computing skills.

Ms. Nikita Sharma

Recruited by :Genpact
Package:1.44 lac p.a.+ incentives
I expressed my desire to do job along with my studies and Placement Department of my college fulfilled it. After going through rigrous interview skills and communication skills training provided by Training & Placement Department, I was able to clear the interview and got the job of the Technical Support executive.

Ms. Toshi Chittoria

Recruited by :Genpact
Package:Rs. 1.44 lac p.a.+ incentives
When I got selected in Genpact, I knew that it was the result of joint efforts of the faculty and me. I am happy to acknowledge their help. Thanks a lot for instilling the confidence in me.

Ms. Ankita

Recruited by :Deustche Bank
Package:Rs.1.2 lac p.a.+ incentives
I wanted to work as soon as I graduate but I got this opportunity even before my final year exams. When I was selected to do internship in Deustche Bank, I knew whom to thank i.e. my placement department.

Ms. Shweta Tiwari

Package:Rs.1.2 lac p.a.+ incentives
In the Metro cities students generally start earning while in college and this fascinated me a lot. Now, I have also joined that band wagon by getting selected in Deustche Bank for doing my internship. Thank you Training & Placement Department for making me employable.

Karishma Baiwara (Genpect)

"Getting selected for the part time job at Genpact has given me a clearer idea of what I want to do in the future and I've become a generally more confident and outgoing person as a result."

Bhawana Agarwal (Genpect)

"I would advice my friends who are going for their placement that the interview will be very challenging, but to make the most of everything that comes your way, work hard and the rewards will come!"

Shivi Sharma (Genpect)

"Overall I think my placement has been a very valuable experience. Not only have I had the opportunity to live in an exclusive part of Jaipur but I have also gained knowledge and experience in my chosen profession that will no doubt help me on the career ladder when I graduate."

Vinita Gangwani (Genpect)

"I learned enormously from my placement at Biyani Girls College as well as the day-to-day practical experience, I've got a much better understanding of how things work in the real world. It's also brilliant to earn a salary for a year - it certainly takes some of the financial pressure off. The placement has given me a really good idea of where I see my future and I think I'll be much more focused at it."

Nikeeta Agarwal (MG Techno Savvy (P) Ltd.)

I am really grateful to my college for putting in efforts and providing me the right opportunities that helped me to get through the recruitment process of MG Techno Savvy (P) Ltd. Without the training sessions provided by the T&P it would not have been possible. I salute the enthusiasm shown by our T&P Head.

Anshul Gupta (Carrefour)

I am immensely thankful to Biyani College for providing me the opportunity to work with Carrefour -the second largest wholesale outlets of the world

Vanita Gupta (Carrefour)

I am really thankful to my college and especially the Placement Department for giving ample number of opportunities to help me get through best of the Companies. The endeavour and enthusiasm of Training & Placement Department is very appreciable. The mock drills provided by them really boosted the confidence to clear the recruitment process.

Malvika Mahta (IT Voice)

I want to express my gratitude to my college for providing opportunities and enthusiastic support which helped me to get through IT Voice. The placement session was mutual contribution of students and T&P department. Best efforts of candidates and support of college is the only key to get placed in a reputed company. I wish good luck to coming batches of my college.

Reshma Parmani (IT Voice)

I am immensely thankful to my placement department whose continuous and the enthusiastic efforts helped me to get through IT Voice . Placement cell took a number of measures to ensure that students get properly placed and made best of opportunities available for us.

Jaishree Pareek (IT Voice)

Well, this is the dream of every student to get placed before the end of B.Tech. I am immensely thankful to my university that they fulfilled my dream to get placed in TCS. Prior to the final day they conducted many mock test which helped me a lot. So, my dream came true in the very first placement drive.

Harnamdeep Kaur (TATA Consultancy Services)

Having well prepared to be placed in a reputed IT company, all I need is an opportunity and my university provided me just that. I am very thankful to my training and placement department for providing me such an opportunity.

Tanushree K Gahlot

Biyani College has made me a confident individual. The placement provided in Deutsche Bank has made my parents and teachers proud of me.

Rashi Parakh

I would like to thank Biyani College for helping me realize my dream of working with my Dream Bank.

Reena Jaiani

Everything in Biyani College is awesome. I had excellent experience learning with knowledgeable minds. It will help me in my future career decisions. I am thankful to college for providing me Placement of my choice.

Shilpa Jethwani

Concepts are taught in a very nice way in Biyani College. Summer Internship taught me how to apply theoretical knowledge. I am thankful to college for helping me get a job based on my learning.

Swati Agarwal

The best part of Biyani College is that apart from teaching subjects we are also given personality development classes in which Mock GDs and personal interviews are conducted. That helped us in cracking the GD-PI of companies at the time of placements.

Tapasya Pandey

I was given opportunity to discover myself beyond the limits of the curriculum which helped me in my Personality Development. I thank the Placement Cell to provide me the placement according to my aptitude.

Sakshi Sharma

I wished to go to Japan for working on the project our teachers used to talk about in the class and the College fulfilled that wish of mine. My parents and I thank College from the bottom of our hearts.

Anita Rathore

I realized it while working on the Project in Japan that Biyani College is the best when it comes to learning about the softwares. It would definitely have a positive impact on my career in the Information Technology field. I have learned the practical side of applying knowledge gained during the classes. Placement services are world class as we have been groomed well to enter the global corporate world.

Karishma Gupta

My college provided me with a good support and help. Through the efforts of Training &Placement department I have got the best of the training and placement opportunities. Training sessions arranged by the college proved out really worthy. Thank you all for believing in me and keeping the faith alive…